Bonito Tofu ( v gf )6   
Crispy Shallot Pancake ( v )5   
Grilled Eggplant ( v gf )8   
San Choi Bao - with Vegetables or Chicken in Ice Berg Lettuce ( v gf )8   
Peking Duck Pancake - with Cucumber, Shallots and Steamed pancakes 18   
Roast Pork Belly Buns - with Crackling, Poached Apple and Butterfly Buns 14   
Chinese Broccoli - Wok Fried with Ginger and Garlic ( v gf )13   
Eggplant, Tofu and Enoki Mushrooms - steamed with Soy, Ginger and Shallots ( v gf )14   
Mapo Tofu ( v gf )14   
Crispy San Dong Chicken - off the Bone with Red Vinegar, Ginger and Coriander 18   
Taiwanese Chilli Chicken 16   
Crispy Barramundi - with Apple Salad ( gf )17   
Kung Pao Prawns - with Sichuan Pepper, Dried Chilli and Cashew Nuts ( n )18   
Pan Fry John Dory - with Asian Slaw & Lime Dressing ( gf )19   
Salt and Pepper Squid - with Sweet Potato and Chilli ( gf )19   
Scotch Fillet - with Black Pepper, Onion and Mushrooms 20   
Slow Cooked Coconut Lamb Shank ( gf )28   
Steamed Barramundi - with Tofu, Ginger, Shallots and Soy Dressing ( gf )18   
Steamed Fragrant Rice ( v )4   
Vegetarian Fried Rice ( v gf )12   
Beggars Fried Rice -Shredded chicken and chinese sausage 12   
Traditional Braised Pork - with Soy Egg 10   
Seafood Fried Rice - prawn, squid, and fish fillets ( gf )14   
Black Sesame & Peanut Dumplings - in chrysanthemum tea broth 9   
Chocolate Banana Spring Rolls - with lychee ice cream 12   
Fried Pecan & Vanilla Ice Cream - with honey and seasonal fruit 12   
Ice Cream Trio - black sesame, taro and lychee ice cream with seasonal fruit plate 13   
Chive and Vegetarian ( v )10   
Basil Miso Beef - with Miso Sauce 12   
Chicken and Prawn Dumpling - with Tar Tar Sauce 11   
Steam Chicken Prawn Wonton - with Chilli Oil 10   
Duck Wonton Egg Noodle Soup 14   
Traditional Braised Pork Noodles - with Soy Egg 12   
Spicy Dan Dan Prawn Noodles - with Spicy Sauce 15   

"( v )" indicates vegetarian dishes
"( gf )" these dishes are available gluten free on request
"( n )" indicates contain nuts

We are a fully licensed restaurant. BYO wines are welcome, corkage per bottle $10.
Please advise our staff of any special dietary requirements or allergies.
Please read out terms & conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Group Bookings

Please provide your credit card details to secure the booking. We require 48 hours notice to cancel group bookings of 8 people or more. A $200 late cancellation fee applies.

A 10% service charge applies to the final account for group bookings of 8 people or more.

MahJong PlayLunch

Mahjong PlayLunch is a pre-paid event. Cash or credit card payment required to secure the booking. Please provide your credit card details to secure the booking. We require two weeks notice to cancel MahJong Playlunch bookings. A $156 late cancellation fee applies.

House Policy

No food or beverages may be brought onto the premises for consumption without the prior consent of management.

MahJong Room reserves the right to charge a customer's credit card for stolen goods or for damage to the premises and its contents.